Idea & name


Wortspiele is a unique beer event.

First part is the brewday: Brewers get together on one day and under the guidance of the hosting brewery, produce one wort together. Wort is the liquid that is produced before it is fermented into beer. It is a blank canvas from which many different beers can be made.

At the end of the brewday, the brewers take their wort to their own brewery and finish the beer (minimum is an added yeast to ferment the wort). There are no limitations on what they are doing: They can even make several beers from their share of the wort.

Second part is the event: The brewers bring the finished beer to serve them at one event, along with a style specific „base beer“ for comparison. The base beer is finished by the wort producing brewery.

For more information, see the section glossary.



Wortspiele is German for “wordplay”. Moreover, it itself is a wordplay, as “wort” is, well, wort in English and “word” in German. “Spiele” is “games” in German. Thus, the name bilingually explains that at these events, the participants play with the produced wort.

For more information, see the section glossary.