Pre- and post-boil

Wort is the liquid that’s produced before it is fermented into beer. There are two stages of liquid, before it becomse beer: pre-boil and post-boil. In most beers, malt is steeped in hot water to get the sugar out of the malt. This super sweet liquid is the wort pre-boiled – here it’s still referred to as „mash“. Again, in most beer styles, the wort is boiled for some time to sanitize while also getting bitterness (in the beginning) and aroma (late in the boil) out of the hops.

When brewers get the wort pre-boil, they can add hops, yeast and adjuncts (things like nuts, fruits wood, whatever). If they get it post-boil, they can still add hops by dry-hopping (adding hops after or even during fermentation), as well as again yeast and adjuncts.

At Wortspiele, brewers can get the wort pre- or post-boil.



Wort is the liquid that is produced during the brewing process, before it is fermented into beer.